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20th Dec 2017: VST synth Additor v0.9, VST effects ResFilter v0.6 & MiniDelay v0.3 uploaded. Merry Christmas! :-)

18th Aug 2016: ArpChord's first live performance as part of the Open Channel night!

10th Dec 2015: v1 tracks Phenyl and Cherryfruit available for purchase! Also new beta track Nova Walk uploaded.

15th Dec 2014: Plazm v1, Tetrapod v1, Zenith v1 uploaded and available for purchase! Also much-improved VST effect ResFilter v0.5 uploaded. Merry Christmas! :-)

18th Aug 2014: VST synth Additor v0.8; VST effects ResFilter v0.4, Minidelay v0.2; 15-page guide to first-order digital filters uploaded!

5th Dec 2013: VST ResFilter, a resonant Butterworth filter, uploaded (new versions 18th Jan 2014, 24th Apr 2014).

28th Nov 2012: New version (v0.7) of VST synth Additor uploaded.

11th Mar 2012: One year on since Fukushima... track Lemon Drops appears on the CD Happy Island Fukushima.

14th Jan 2012: New version (v0.6) of VST synth Additor uploaded.

17th Mar 2011: New version (v0.5) of VST synth Additor uploaded.

8th Dec 2010: Lemon Drops v1 now available for purchase. Next music update will be improved versions of Ectoplasm, Tetrapod and Zenith.

3rd Dec 2010: Lemon Drops v1 and two new tracks (Cherryfruit, Black Glaze) uploaded!

25th July 2010: High-quality v1 tracks Cycler, Undercurrent & Flywheel now available for purchase.

22nd Dec 2009: Three improved (v1) tracks (Cycler, Undercurrent, Flywheel) uploaded!

31st July 2009: High-quality v1 tracks Skyglow, Replicator, Medley & Drifting now available for purchase.

6th June 2009: Skyglow v1 and two new tracks (Hypernaut, Zenith) uploaded!

4th Feb 2009: Three improved (v1) tracks (Drifting, Medley, Replicator) uploaded!

27th July 2008: Three new tracks (Replicator, Alien Death, Phenyl Dream) uploaded!

22nd May 2008: Three new tracks (Medley, Undercurrent, Flywheel) uploaded!

21st March 2008: Three new tracks (Ectoplasm, Skyglow, Cycler) uploaded!

6th Feb 2008: Three new tracks (Tetrapod, Lemon Drops, Drifting) uploaded!

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