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Welcome to the music section! You can listen to ArpChord's music using the mp3 player above and/or download it using the links below.

Phenyl (v1)
Cherryfruit (v1)
Zenith (v1)
Tetrapod (v1)
Plazm (v1)
Lemon Drops (v1)
Cycler (v1)
Undercurrent (v1)
Flywheel (v1)
Skyglow (v1)
Replicator (v1)
Medley (v1)
Drifting (v1)

Nova Walk (beta)
Black Glaze (beta)
Hypernaut (beta)
Alien Death (beta)

New music tracks are available for free in 96kbps mp3 format, and are labelled 'beta' versions. Following the beta versions, are updates to the tracks, labelled 'v1'. These are available for free at 96kbps and soon for purchase in higher-quality 320kbps mp3 format.

Buying a 320kbps track will also permit access to 'extras' associated with the music track, such as information on how the track was composed, album art, MIDI files for parts of the music, early 'alpha' versions of the track etc. These extras may be updated from time to time.

Future improvements may yield better 'v2' versions of music tracks. The intention is that these tracks will be available for free to purchasers of the equivalent 'v1' tracks.

Of course, by buying music tracks you are also supporting the artist and thus encouraging more frequent music uploads! :-)

Note that there is no annoying copy protection on any of the mp3 files you download. However, please read the Legal notice.


The overall perceived volume of ArpChord's music may sound lower than that of other music when played through the same system. Making music tracks sound louder requires using such things as compressors and limiters in a particular way. Although some efforts have been made to make ArpChord's music sound louder, it is not considered a priority to make it sound as loud as possible.

The 18th August 2016 saw the first live performance of ArpChord's music, as part of the Open Channel night at the now no-longer Bedroom Bar in Shoreditch, London. A future live performance is planned soon!


The previous purchase links are currently down. However soon available for purchase in high-quality 320kbps mp3 format will be the (v1) tracks Phenyl, Cherryfruit, Zenith, Tetrapod, Plazm, Lemon Drops, Cycler, Undercurrent, Flywheel, Skyglow, Replicator, Medley & Drifting.


Once you have purchased a 320kbps track, you can access the extras associated with that track by downloading the relevant file(s) below. The files are in password-protected .7z format. The required password can be found in the 'Comment' box of the ID3 tag of the purchased 320kbps mp3 file.

Phenyl extras
Cherryfruit extras
Zenith extras
Tetrapod extras
Plazm extras
Lemon Drops extras
Cycler extras
Undercurrent extras
Flywheel extras
Skyglow extras
Replicator extras (updated 23rd July 09)
Medley extras (updated 23rd July 09)
Drifting extras (updated 23rd July 09)


Below are links to older music tracks which have since been improved.

Phenyl Dream (beta)
Cherryfruit (beta)
Zenith (beta)
Tetrapod (beta)
Ectoplasm (beta)
Lemon Drops (beta)
Cycler (beta)
Undercurrent (beta)
Flywheel (beta)
Skyglow (beta)
Replicator (beta)
Medley (beta)
Drifting (beta)