Here is a resource page for musicians containing royalty-free samples, VSTs, useful links, and other information.

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48kHz 24bit+ WAV samples by ArpChord, in .7z format.

Five-string bass guitar:

Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar - open B string
Bass Guitar - open E string
Bass Guitar - open A string
Bass Guitar - open D string
Bass Guitar - open G string

Synthesized Carter air-raid warning siren.

One minute long nice ambient sound.


VSTs created with SynthEdit and the SynthEdit SDK. For 32-bit Windows systems. Additor v0.9 is a stereo additive synthesizer with microtonal capability:

Additor VST v0.9

Additor VST v0.9

MiniDelay v0.3 is the simple delay module used in Additor v0.9:

MiniDelay VST v0.3

MiniDelay VST v0.3

ResFilter v0.6 is an eighth-order resonant Butterworth filter:

ResFilter VST v0.6

ResFilter VST v0.6

DeepFilter is a simple LFO-controlled Moog-style filter (OLD PLUGIN, NO LONGER DEVELOPED):

DeepFilter VST v0.1

DeepFilter VST v0.1


Twenty custom-made SEMs (SynthEdit Modules):

ArpChord SEMs v0.5

ArpChord SEMs v0.5


Note names and frequencies
Digital linear time-invariant first-order filters (v0.2) (15-page pdf, created with LaTeX.)


A huge discussion forum on everything computer-music related, VST plug-in reviews, lots more...

Over 250,000 high-quality royalty-free samples under many different categories. Full-length previews available for all samples.

TweakHeadz Lab Electronic Musician's Hangout
Lots of information for those wishing to start creating their own electronic music, and more advanced tips for seasoned professionals.

A visual way to create VST instruments and effects.

Useful GUIs for VST makers, plus mp3s of ArtVera's music.

The Worldwide Band Name Registry
Want to protect your band name to prevent others using it? You can do so at this site.

Open Source Web Design
Over 2,000 different website design templates available for those looking to design their own site. ( is based on a design by jole from this site.)

The place to download the skinnable mp3 player used on this site.

Freeware Directory
An excellent database of links to useful free software.

Microtonal Synthesis
Lots of information about microtonal synthesizers, scales, software etc.

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VST Links

Here is a list of some recommended free or donationware VST plugins:

Sonalksis FreeG Stereo
Nice large mixer control, automation-friendly.

Funky-looking high-quality full-range EQ. Many other useful plugins on this page.

Innovative sweet-sounding reverb. Free earlier versions at AriesVerb Alpha Archive.

Chorus CH-2
Strong chorus effect with many adjustable parameters.

Decent tube amp simulator.

(Above links last checked 20th December 2017. ArpChord Ltd is not responsible for the content of external websites.)

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