On this site you can listen to and download Music by ArpChord. If you are a musician, there are also Resources which may be of interest, such as a stereo additive synthesizer.

ArpChord's music is created by Cliff Sparks, the webmaster of this site. Various music software is utilised, in particular NoteWorthy Composer, EnergyXT and Kristal, and hardware such as the excellent Yamaha AN1x synthesizer...

AN1x synthesizer

I think music is similar to software in many respects. Musical ideas are developed into some kind of structure ('alpha' stage), then modified and refined ('beta' stage), and finally polished for release ('version 1'). However, even after the release of a finished software product, features continue to be added and bugs found and quashed.

ArpChord's music thus evolves from early 'alpha' tracks through to upgraded 'v2' tracks. For more information please visit the Music section.

The Resources section is intended for musicians/composers but may also be of interest to others. It contains royalty-free samples, VSTs (including Additor, a stereo additive synthesizer), useful links, and other information for the independent musician.

Enjoy the site!

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